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Gem Stone Medicine

Why Soul Food Elixirs?

Gemstone Elixirs, derived from crystals as "mineral" medicine, can be traced back to the Han Dynasty (206 BCE) as a form of Taoist alchemy. Falling under the umbrella of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the gem stone elixirs are ingested and used internally, for their medicinal and healing properties.  


Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th-generation Daoist priest and master of Chinese medicine, has detailed the use of over 200 gem stones, used medicinally, to treat a wide range of conditions. Gem stone medicine made its way into my life through my training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and through a magnificent book by Leslie J Franks, a student of Dr Yuen, titled Stone Medicine: A Chinese Medicine guide to healing with gems and minerals.


Franks highlights how gem stones and crystals can nourish our Jing (deep essence), revitalize our Qi (energy), blood, body fluids, and clear the bodies of pathogens caused by wind, cold, damp and heat conditions that lead to disease. Franks states that  "the chemistry, crystal structure and subtle medicine in gem stones affect our bodies on a physical and emotional level, gaining access to our deepest layers, initiating lasting change". Gem stones can heal our bodies, shift our perspectives and transform the consciousness of the planet. 

Gemstone Elixirs are intended for internal use. These elixirs are safe, pure and prepared using the highest quality standards and ethical practices at our local acupuncture clinic in Austin, TX.  Although the gem stones are found all over the world, only tumbled stones that have been cleaned of debris in a special process are used to make precise batches. 

Gemstone Elixirs can help you discover your inner gifts, understand your life purpose, find a stronger sense of self, restore your self-worth, release negativity, release unconscious fears, strengthen the body's own chemical repair system, and be a direct path to healing. As we commit to love ourselves (flawed and beautiful), to heal our pasts and change our negative thoughts and behaviors, the effects we see are positive changes, better mental health,  overflowing well-being and abundance of laughter and joy. Thich Nat Han says "Love and happiness is here now" 

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