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The Best Version of You

Individual Sessions:

One-on-one session to identify blockages, create balance and nurture well-being. This session will give you tools to express your authentic self, find your inner calm and move in a positive new direction. 

Couples Session:

Set up new agreements with your partner. Release resentment and establish clarity with your partner. Allow love to flow into your partnership again.

Group/Corporate Session:

Set up new agreements at work. Identify patterns that block growth within an organization. Surrender to flow, let mutual respect guide decisions, open doors of communication and grow as a group.

Discover Your Soul's Purpose- 4 week life-changing program

 This 4 week program will re-pattern your beliefs, unlock your true potential and set you on the path to live the life you are destined to be living. This program includes a 3 day cleanse, weekly Acupuncture, Tibetan Herbal Foot Soaks, one-on-one self discovery sessions, daily practices including meditation, food awareness, sweat rituals, journaling and more. You will change during this 4 weeks and reach a new empowered you, live with intention, from your heart and find joy at your spiritual core. You will find a peaceful space within and gain a calm clarity of purpose.

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