The parenting paradigm in our culture, which focuses on changing the child, must shift philosophy and gear more towards creating lasting change in the parent, first. This work is presented by Dr. Tsabery in her book "The Awakened Family".  As you, the parent, engages in self-exploration and on growing your inner child, you avoid projecting your unconscious behaviors onto your child. Use the trigger's that your child awakens in you as your guide, your teacher. Go inward and see that your child is here to mirror to you how you are unconscious. Understand that every relationship has come into your life to teach you about yourself and remake you whole. The child teaches you what you need to work on. Your child will take you to another dimension if you allow them to. As you raise your child consciously, you are liberated to be who you truly are, engaged, kind, honest, respectful and firmly grounded.  Free your child to be their authentic self, your awakener, by being your most authentic self. Encourage them to be self-governing and autonomous. Meditation and breath work will bring you back to the present moment, the only place children know, and make you innocent and childlike. The Awakened Parent- Soul Food Elixir subtly encourages the parent to move away from reaction based parenting (shame & blame, fear & anxiety, dependency & possession) toward mindful engaged parenting (allowing the child to be who they are, saying yes, encouraging playfulness and self expression). Free yourself from your own guilt and allow your children to be  free the natural joyful beings that they are. As you move into your own childlike state, miracles happen, you play more, fear comes yet leaves quickly. " A great transformation happens-in innocence, you transcend the mind and become the Awakened One, the Enlightened One". Rajneesh. The Awakened Parent Elixir promotes self love, gentle compassion for yourself and others, and helps you connect to the present moment, to being mindful and authentic to who you truly are so that you can be present and engaged for your children.


It is recommended that both you and your child take the Awakened Parent Elixir & the Awakened Child Elixir together to enhance the parent child bond and connection and to reunite the two of you on this common

 journey. Parents are aslo encouraged to take the Awakened Child elixir to connect more deeply with their inner child. 


It is highly encouraged that the parent read the book "The Awakened Family" by Dr. Shefali Tsabary Ph.D. while taking the elixir. Although I do not receive loyalties for recommending this book I genuinely believe this book can re-shape parenting and give birth to loving mindful communities. Trust me, it will change your life. It's worth the read.

Soul Food Elixir- Awakened Parent

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