In Daoism, if we live a long healthy life, we have the opportunity to complete our curriculum and move to another lesson in our next life. Blood stagnation (blood that is not moving) is unable to nourish organs, tissues, and cells and causes the body to degenerate and age. If we practice being present, our blood is more available, our health improves and pain dissapears. As we heal ourselves from within, we have faith and trust that our lives are unfolding as they must, and everything has a purpose and we begin to manifest more abundance. This elixir will help you practice self-compassion, self-inquiry, and gratitude that will assist you to make the necessary life changes to move forward and accomplish your goals. The wealth palace elixir will help you move past "stuck" areas and assist you to align with your divine purpose path, the work your soul came here to do. Once this is fully expressed in your life, luck, opportunities, joy and abundance will flow in.

Soul Food Elixir- Wealth Palace

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